Our Story

It all started at a school fair...

The Honey Fund was founded by Dominic Barrington Prowse and Andrew Sliper following a successful fundraising event for Cashmere Avenue School – a primary school in Khandallah, Wellington. As two local fathers of girls at the school we took an active role in the school fair.

Three things struck us after the fair:

  1. Everyone loves honey!

  2. Customized packaging really engaged the community

  3. We didn’t feel like we were selling our soul in fact, we felt good about selling a natural, healthy and sustainable NZ product.


From here, we decided to provide our fundraising solutions to others. Across the country, people are becoming more health-conscious and environmentally aware and because fundraising is still a hugely important part of financing for schools, clubs, charities and communities we at The Honey Fund feel confident that our solution ticks all the boxes!